About us

Rhombus Europe is an international multinational group focused in providing professional products and solutions in the residential, commercial and hospitality industry.
We create custom design peripheral devices in the hospitality sector for the most prestigious hotel chains worldwide. Their names speak enough.

Rhombus Europe works in collaboration with some of the best Interior Designers and Architects in the residential hospitality industry worldwide to provide the some of the best customised electrical devices for the guest rooms. Our products work in various technologies such as Modbus, Dry contact, KNX, and Cresnet. All our products are manufactured within the European Union from our factory in Varna.

Our team works with various manufacturers of low voltage peripheral devices to produce customized frames as OEM.


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.
Rhombus europe partners with the best companies worldwide to provide you the best integrations.

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6 Yan Huniyadi
Blvd., 9000
[email protected]


Office# 407
Al Qusais Plaza
Damascus Street
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